Saturday 4 July 2015

Weddings with Children

We are well into the summer wedding season now and many of us will have one if not more invites pinned to the fridge or noticeboard. Of course these days weddings are not just a summer affair with many embracing autumn colours and winter fun as part of their nuptials. Whatever the time of year a wedding is you need to be extra prepared if taking the family along.


Unless the grand affair is very local the chances are you'll spend some time travelling. Depending on how far they have to go many parents choose to make a weekend of it and book accommodation rather than doing two long journeys in one day.

Either way there are things that you can do to make travelling with little ones easier. Our previous blog on travelling with little ones is packed with top tips. The main points however are to ensure that children have plenty to do when in the car, that they are comfortable and of course safe (have you read our piece on the latest child car seat regulations?).

Pack a range of different travel friendly games and toys


A large part of wedding celebrations are the food. Most venues cater for child portions and offer booster seats and/or highchairs however it would be wise to check this in advance. To help your "grown up" little ones to eat and drink along with everyone else don't forget to pack their drinking bottles and cutlery that is designed for their little hands. Bibs (and lots of wipes!) are a good idea too, especially when wearing special event clothing.

Keeping Little Ones Occupied

As fabulous as weddings are they can be long affairs and children do get easily bored. As well as packing toys and games for the journey to the venue don't forget to bring things along which will keep little hands busy and their attention held, especially during key times such as the speeches and the ceremony itself. Sticker books, colouring in and similar easy to carry items are perfect for keeping little ones happy while the grown ups are doing their thing. Packing each child a bag with books, toys and games, as well as snacks is a great way to ease boredom and keep junior attendees happy.


If you are staying over or expect very little ones to need a nap while there make sure that you bring something that smells of home or is familiar. Sleeping in a strange place may be hard for some younger children but a tedding bear or a favourite blanket makes it much easier.

Do you have any survival tips for attending weddings with little children or children? If so please do comment!

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