Wednesday 2 September 2015

Fun After-School Activities

With the new school year and term starting (or having just started) many parents are looking for fun after school activities to entertain their children between the hour or hour and a half between landing home and having tea. 

Even the youngest school starters will soon be bring books home for reading time (initially these may be picture books for you to look at and discuss what you think is happening). It may be that doing the reading homework is best done as soon as little ones get home and before they start getting sleepy. Some children might do better with this reading in bed however bear this activity in mind when mapping out others. 

Colouring In 
Such a simple activity yet perfect for after school as it calms and entertains at the same time. There is a wealth of free colouring in sheet printables available online (Pinterest especially) so that whether your little one is into colouring in Minions or more generic scenes you can have something ready. 

Scavenger Hunt 
If your children need to blow off some steam at the end of the day putting together an in-house or garden scavenger hunt will keen them amused and let them do just that! Organise your clues based on a theme such as pirates or princes and princesses or go for something more basic. If you time it right they will enjoy running around and finding mini treasures right up until tea time. 

Art and Crafts 
There are so many art and craft projects that are perfect for after school, from playdough play to beading and beyond. Look for seasonal easy craft ideas (we love to visit RedTedArt for inspiration) and have everything set out ready for when they get home. 
Get Outside 
If the weather is playing ball get outside and blow off the cobwebs. In autumn and winter there are leaves, acorns and of course conkers to find and spring and summer are perfect for flower picking and frisbee throwing. A visit to the park or a walk around a field, either and both offer a great healthy after school activity. 

Why not have your little ones help with tea preparation or perhaps making a pudding? A chore for you is very grown up and exciting for them and many hands make light work (and possibly a little mess!) 

This Educo Chef Apron set offers the perfect cookery or baking accessories for your mini chef!

Play Games 
Pull out their favourite board games or get adventurous with something like Twister and let them laugh, play and enjoy with you or each other if you have more than one child. Card games are also great and may be tailored to suit all ages as well as helping with matching and number skills. 

Free Play 
Having after school activities planned is a great idea as it keeps children occupied, lets them blow off steam or calm and settle after a busy day, is fun and bridges that gap between home time and eating time. Sometimes it is nice however to simply let them have some free play time to do what they want, be that to play in their rooms, get the Lego out, ride around the garden or just enjoy half an hour in front of the TV. 

Do you have after school activity hints and tips to share?