Saturday 16 August 2014

5 great backpacks for younger boys

Have a look at our backpack ranges from Skip Hop, Stephen Joseph and Beatrix New York - suitable for boys from toddler age and up.

The Skip Hop Zoolet is ideal for toddlers who are just learning to walk. A rein attaches to the bottom of the bag and can be removed as your child grows.
Giraffe Skip Hop Zoo-let Mini Backpack with Rein

The Skip Hop Zoo Packs are a great size for boys who are just starting nursery and are available in a range of designs including this cute shark. Matching lunch boxes and water bottles are available for many designs.

Skip Hop Zoo Pack Shark - Childrens Backpacks
These Stephen Joseph quilted backpacks are great for young boys who are just starting nursery.  Available in a range of designs including including train, shark and construction.  
Stephen Joseph Quilted Space Backpack
Stephen Joseph Tractor Signature Quilted Backpack

The Beatrix New York backpacks are available in Little Kid and Big Kid sizes.  The Beatrix New York Little Kid backpacks are ideal for nursery, while the Big Kid backpacks are big enough to carry everything your little boy needs when starting school.  Matching lunch boxes are also available.


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