Friday 17 July 2015

Having Fun with Water

When it comes to looking for fun activities over the summer, or indeed at any time there is no resource more freely available (or cheaper unless you are on a meter and use A LOT) than water.

It doesn't matter what the weather is doing as when it comes to water play there are plenty of activities to enjoy both indoors and outdoors. Here are just some of our fun water-related activities for you to consider. Do you have any to add?

Water Painting
On a sunny day give your little painters house painting brushes and water in buckets and let them paint! They may redecorate the fence, the shed, the walls, anything really. What's best is that there's no tidying up as the water will simply dry up in the warmth.

Sail a Boat
Sailing a boat is one of the most simple activities and yet offers a great amount of fun and laughter. Boat races and more are all part of this type of water-related activity. Our Skipper Wooden Pond Yachts are very popular for obvious reasons!

Water Fights
Fill water balloons and buckets and just let them soak each other, be it a fun activity with siblings or friends.
Top tip: Remember to bring your washing in off the line first and close nearby windows!

Children love to fill up jugs and measure out set amounts, refilling and sharing water amongst other containers. How complex you make this activity will depend on the age of the children. This is as much a learning activity as it is a source of enjoyment.

Tea Parties
You don't need a fancy tea set, just beakers, a pretend tea pot, saucers and the like. Gather up friends, sibling or dolls and teddies and enjoy pouring, sharing and drinking "tea" while having a good chat. This is a great fun role play idea.

Bath Fun
Whether it's to cool off, clean up or just because we all love bathtime why not fill up the  tub and play during the day for once? Pour, splash, enjoy bubbles or get really creative with bath chalks and the like.

Splish Splash Splosh with Skip Hop Ducks!

A Big Water Table
Whether you buy a water table or make one there is something very special about letting your little ones enjoy simple water fun by filling the water tray with sponges, using ice cubes, floating items such as milk bottle lids and a number of different easy to find yet very interesting materials.
Little ones can play for hours with these things!

If you have any more ideas for fun water play do share them!

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  1. My older two have been having fun using the outgrown baby bath to test boats made of straws and lolly sticks and seeing which wins their races. My 3 year old daughter has been having fun learning what materials sink and what floats- a fun but educational way to cool off!