Sunday 31 May 2015

Perfect Lunches

  The school holidays are fast approaching. This might mean that you find yourself out and about, enjoying packed lunches in the sun or that your little ones might be at a childminder or holiday scheme and need to take their lunch with them. If you have children at school or one starting in September now is the time to start thinking about perfect packed lunches. 

First of all, perfect doesn't have to mean expensive or particularly time consuming. While schools often have a packed lunch policy which asks parents to avoid chocolate, fizzy drinks and a number of other foods deemed unhealthy or messy generally speaking parents are free to enjoy creating fun packed lunches for their little ones. 

Choosing a Lunch Box or Bag There are hundreds of boxes and bags on the market, all claiming to be the best thing for your little one. Make sure when you are choosing that you look for something that is suitably sized, easy to open and close, may be put in the dishwasher or easily wiped out and that it is recognisable. We have a number of water bottles and lunch boxes and bags available, all of which are brightly coloured, easy to recognise and very fun. 

If you already have something you want to use make sure that it is properly labelled as these things seem to grow legs and run around when left to their own devices away from home!  

Use Leftovers If like us you  hate waste and like the idea of a thrifty packed lunch why not use leftovers in your child's packed lunch? Cold pasta the next day is absolutely fine to eat from a tub with a fork, quiche can be boxed up to eat while out and about and cold meats and similar make perfect packed lunch fillers. 

Sandwich Alternatives Want to try your hand at something different to the traditional soggy sandwich? Cold pastas go down very well, as do wraps, savoury egg muffins and similar. Not only are these all great for using up leftovers they also offer a wider variety of choices for your little ones. 

Frozen Yogurt A great tip for packed lunches is to freeze your soft fruit "squeezie" or yogurt pouch or tube, putting it into the lunch bag frozen in the morning. By lunchtime it will have softened yet still be cold. No-one like warm yogurt! 

Let Them Choose Packing the perfect packed lunch is only possible if your little one likes what they get. As we all know preferences may chance with the weather and so why not let your children help pack up their lunches? With you on hand to guide them into making fun yet nutritional choices you can't go wrong. 

If you are looking for more hardcore lunchbox ideas (think shaped and decorated sandwiches) head over to Pinterest which is packed with creative lunch box inspiration. 

What is your top tip for packed lunches?  

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