Friday 29 May 2015

Get Prepared For Out and About Fun

The second May bank holiday hits next week and brings half term for many of us. This also means that we are all mere weeks away from the long summer holidays.Are you prepared? 

Here is our mini guide to getting yourself organised so that you have everything you need ready so that you may grab and go whenever the good weather shows its face! 

Freezer Related Fun The freezer offers a wealth of fun as well as practical aid when needed. Make sure that you have grapes and assorted fruits frozen for quick and healthy fruity summer snacks, plenty of ice cubes for cold drinks as well as summer sun science(melting ice cubes outside) and of course home made ice lollies. Don't forget to have ice packs for packed lunches and similar ready asthese are great for keeping picnics fresh when you don't want to use a cool bag or box.  

*Top tip - put yogurt pouches and similar in the freezer asby the time everyone is ready to eat they will have defrosted / softened yet won't be warm. These also make easy make-do lunch box coolers.  

Sun Cream, Hats and Screens British weather being what it is we often have a mildly warm morning followed by a scorching afternoon. When you are going to be out and about, even if it's just in the garden make sure that the children (and all grown ups!) have a suitable factor of suncream on, wear hats and cover up as appropriate. Keeping all sun related items including sunglasses together makes them easy to grab when you're ready to go. 

Stay Hydrated The chances are that if you are venturing outside this summer that the weather will be warm and that there will be lots of running around / walking. Make sure everyone stays hydrated by giving everyone their own water bottle that they can carry themselves. Having their own backpacks is a great way to make sure each child has their own drink, hat and what not with them all the time. In the case of tiny tots little backpacks offer a dual purpose as many of them are fitted with reins for safety. 

Assorted Accessories As much as travelling light is something parents hope to achieve it rarelyworks out that way, especially when you have little ones. Having each child wear their own backpack to carry light items, using a caddy or organiser for the pushchair/ buggy and using car accessories such as pop up trash bins, cool bags and more all make life easier when on the go.

What is your one must-have item or top tip when going out and about with your child? We'd love to hear. 

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