Wednesday 5 December 2012

It's a boy!

One of our colleagues has just become a grandparent for the first time.  Becoming grandad to a little boy came as a great surprise - they were all expecting a girl!  I can remember being told by the hospital that they couldn't guarantee that they would be right if they told you whether it looked like a boy or girl at your 20 week scan but I must admit I've never heard before of anyone getting it wrong.  Anyway, there is lots of hasty shopping being done and a nursery to re-paint!

I had to have lots of scans during my pregnancy for medical reasons and each time we talked about whether we wanted to know or not.  We finally gave in to curiosity at about 36 weeks. "Oh, it's a boy" said the sonography casually, thus ending 20 years of my husband living in an all female household. 

Up to now though, it hasn't seemed to make much difference.  Boys and girls under 3 are very similar I've found.  But yesterday, my husband took our 3 years old son to the barbers.  He's always had longish, curly hair (prompting comments of "what a lovely girl" when out shopping!).  I got home last night to be greeted by a very short haired young man - he looked about two years older.  All of a sudden, and for the first time, it really feels as though we've got a boy.

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