Friday 7 August 2015

Creative and Crafty Fun Inspiration

Art and craft is a favourite activity for the majority of children regardless of the weather. Indoors or out there is always somethig to make, to fix, to build and of course to get messy with.

Here we share some of our favourite creative or crafty projects for you to add to your collection. Don't forget to comment with yours so we may do the same!

Get Outside

Collect up seasonal treats such as pretty leaves, twigs and more to great a nature bowl, a collage or similar. Whether you want to take advantage of pinecones, conkers and colourful autumn leaves or fresh green grasses and wildflowers seen in spring and summer is up to you.

Fun with Magnets

For less messy play or for an activity you want your little ones to enjoy time and time again why not look at some of these fabulous Fiesta Crafts Magnetic Mosaics?

There are a number of different designs to try and all are perfect for whipping out when the rain arrives and you hear the dreaded words "I'm bored!".

Paper Craft

Paper Craft covers a wide range of fun activities. You can print out 3D shapes and models for older children, run origami challenges, make a collage.... the possibilities are endless! Try using chalks or a white pen on black paper for something different.


Colourful beads provide hours of colourful crafty fun making jewellery, snakes and more. What's more this type of activity also helps little ones to practice and develop their motor skills so is a winner all round.


This is an activity that children love. Collect together pieces of coloured paper, pictures, odds and ends, photographs and more and let the children fill their scrapbooks with memories of special days out, pages about their family or their friends, their favourite colour, animal, letter..... the possibilities are endless. Scrapbooking is not only great fun and offers a brilliant creative outlet, it also helps build some fabulous keepsakes for you to all look back on when they are older.

What have your favourite creative or crafty projects been? Which ones do your children ask to do again and again?

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