Friday 12 June 2015

Keeping Little Ones Hydrated

For the most part we've been very lucky recently with some absolutely glorious weather. Of course the sun hats have been provided as has the high factor sun cream. Keeping little ones safe in the sun is important and hydration plays a large part in that. 

Heat, not just the sun rays themselves may be harmful to little ones who aren't yet in full control of their body temperatures, quickly getting cold or hot dependant on the weather or the environment they are in. Their little bodies also dehydrate very quickly. 

Dehydration is no joke with the consequences of children being hydrated ranging from feeling sick, tired and having a headache to much more serious consequences. 

These tips should help you keep your precious boys and girls cool and hydrated so that they may enjoy the fabulous weather (while it lasts) and continue making fun memories.  
  • Offering drinks regularly is essential as children won't necessarily remember to take time out of their play to go and find their water bottle. While water is of course the best choice of liquids for hydration not all children enjoy drinking water so instead fill bottles with well-diluted squash.  
  • Homemade ice lollies or ice pops are great for hydration and as you've made them yourself you know exactly what's in there (no nasties!).  
  • Have you ever heard of eating water? Hydration is something that should be attended to throughout the day including at mealtimes. Not all of the water your children take in has to come from their water bottles either. Cook and prepare foods which have a high density of water such as vegetables and fruits. 

  • Make sure your children know how important drinking in hot weather (and at all times) is. Encourage them to ask for drinks when thirsty as well as offering them at regular intervals. Make it fun by using brightly coloured bottles and a number of fun diluted juice and water flavours.  
  • Staying in the shade not only protects the skin, it is also cooler there. When enjoying outside play ensure children spend at least part of their time in the shade and that they take regular rest breaks to ensure that they don't overdo it and overheat. 

For excellent advice straight from the NHS on how to keep little ones safe in the sun as well as hydrated read and save this guidance. 

What are your top tips for keeping little ones hydrated?

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