Saturday 7 March 2015

Easter Holiday Fun Ideas

It doesn't seem like two minutes since the February half term ended and yet in a few more weeks many of you will be bringing nursery bags and school PE kits home once more for the Easter holidays. 

The beauty of the Easter holidays is that with a longer stretch of time off (22 days including weekends for many of our local schools) we as parents have more days to play with so when it comes to organising activities, days out and more there's no worry about having to cram everything in. 

If you are looking for inspiration on what to do this Easter we have a few ideas for you. 

Get Out and About 
If the weather is kind this Easter spend as much time as possible enjoying the great outdoors as a family. Go to local parks, roll down hills (with or without your painted hard-boiled Easter eggs), walk through forests (have a look at the Forestry Commission website for some brilliant safe and well maintained woodland walks in your area) and generally use the time to stretch your legs and let the kids blow off some steam. 

Planned Trips and Events 
Over Easter, especially over the long Easter weekend there are often a great number of fairs, markets, special events and more run in your local area, the key is knowing how to find them. Look at community noticeboards (online and around your local area), use Facebook local pages, the tourist information centres, ask other parents and generally keep your eyes open.  

In addition to the often free or cheap local events that run why not take the opportunity these Easter holidays offer and explore local museums, English Heritage sites or perhaps look up what the National Trust has in your area? 

Art and Crafts 
As much as we'd like to assume that during the holidays that the sun will shine and that we'll be surrounded by beautiful spring sights there is always the chance that we'll be covered in snow or stuck indoors thanks to fierce April Showers. If this is the case don't despair as there are plenty of entertaining ways to get through the holidays without hearing "But I'm bored". 

 Art and craft is a great activity and something that can be enjoyed at any age. Minecraft paper craft for older children, beadwork, painting, chalks, working around a theme such as a place or topic (as well as traditional Easter crafts) are all great examples.  

Here at Dotty Hippo for example we offer a number of art and craft activities for over the holidays including scrapbooking for kids, magnetic mosaics and even colour in comic books.  

This is a great time to introduce your children to new ways to enjoy their creativity. 

Having friends over is a great way for kids to spend their time (especially if there are dens to make or activities planned). Playdates also give parents a chance to sit down and talk with adults during the holidays. Try and organise one session at your house and one at someone else's if you can. 

The Library 
Libraries are very child friendly these days with large colourful areas dedicated to young readers of all abilities and the library often run their own holiday events. Call or visit your library to see what they have available (on top of the lure of row upon row of fabulous books of course). 

Plan Nothing at All 
Having new and exciting things to do, places to go and people to see over Easter is great however sometimes just playing and relaxing is needed. After a busy half term the children are unlikely to protest at the odd pj day, movie afternoon or spending the morning just enjoying playing with their toys. This gives them a chance to unwind and rest before they go back to school again. 

Whatever you have planned for the soon-approaching holidays we wish you a fabulous time.   

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